Hello and welcome to my demon hunter guide series

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-09-07
This guide is entailed for people who are moving into inferno, to make their lives a little bit better. In inferno, in order for your farming to be pleasant, you regrettably have to outgear the enemies. This is reached in two manners, either farming or scrounging Auction House for cheap items. Before patch 1.0.3, you could not grind Act I and find any worthwhile items so auction house was obligatory. Now you can farm Act I (which is really somewhat pleasant compared to the rest of the diablo 3 ) and have a chance at the best items the game have to provide. Granted, it is a truly small chance, but it is there nonetheless. Well, with introduction set down, it is time to get to the center of the guide. Actual gearing guide, gameplay guide and farming strategies. As far as demon hunter gear go, you have 2 picks, you either go with defensive gear set with as much damage as you can make, or you go glass cannon build where your primary direction is not receiving hit at all and cause as much damage per second as achievable. Changes in 1.0.3 made it achievable to survive with much less hp and resistances than before, so adding up some defensive stats in the blend is always a positive idea. Stats you require to prioritize are Dexterity, Critical Hit chance and damage with attack speed as a bonus if attainable. Dualwield or weapon+quiver Forget about dualwield. It possesses the potential to do more damage when you are a in-game billionnaire or multiple lottery winner, only for the most part it will do second-rate damage per second. You should firstly invest in top-grade weapon you can get , that contributes you best dps. Take mark when purchasing the weapon that you plan on using for a lengthy time is that Damage Per Second is not be all end all(as in, 1000 damage per second weapon without a socket is inferior to 950 one with a socket). What you are searching for on a weapon is High dps and a socket at the bare minimum, or 60+ crit damage on weapon if it is without a socket. If on a budget, simply take any weapon over 1k dps and you will do fine. Strongest quality emerald in the socket goes without saying. Also, what i have to note is that % damage and % attack speed bonus are ALREADY INCLUDED in the weapon DPS figure. So i would advise you to go glass cannon route because it is MUCH CHEAPER than defensive gear. Learn to play by not receiving hit and when you can get more than 2 hits, you will be nearly unkillable. After the weapon, i would go for pure dex items, like shoulder/belt/legs. On these i choose to get maximum dex and vit as i can get (blue items for these slots are really good ) for as low price as possible. Only thing that truly matters on these items are Dexterity and VIT for starting. Of course, you can go for defensive stats, or utility stats if you have the gold for it. After that, have boots with 12% movement speed and as much dexterity as possible on them. Once More, vit is great, resists are nice but expensive as hell. Movement speed is Serious for glass cannon DHs. Also, find max discipline on Chest and Quiver, it will make your life MUCH easier. Now, what about rest of the gear? Considerably, they need a lot of Auction House researching to get cheap prices and if you have patience, by all means, search for them whenever you can. Stats you are depending for, once again, are high DEX, critical % probability, critical % damage and possibly % attack speed (if is in add-on, it was severely nerfed ). Items that can potentially contribute you most damage per second are gloves and amulet followed by rings. If you do not acknowledge it still, Natalyas Set is super effective for demon hunters (doh), but skin-off-your-back costly. That would close first piece of my Inferno Series. I hope you have found it helpful.
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