Have you ever wondered how a band vocalist reaches

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-07-04
Condenser microphone is a kind of microphone, which stays connected with the throat of the speaker. It has got a strap that ties down the microphone with the neck of the person speaking. This microphone reacts directly to the vibration of the neck. It gives a clear sound and it can capture your voice even it is kept far from your mouth. The best thing about this condenser microphone is, it can pick up sound in loud environments such as night clubs, discs etc. it has got a specific design that helps this microphone to copy these kind of sounds. It is different from the other conventional microphones. In a nightclub, the conventional microphones will not be able to copy one voice distinctly. The voice will not be prominent because of the ambience sound. It can even copy the whispers. The aircrafts of the World War 2 era used this microphone. There are different kinds of condenser microphones used for different purposes. Below we are providing you the list of some such microphones. Mission sniper pro condenser microphone: The army mainly uses this kind of microphone. This microphone is specially made for environments, which are tough and operational. The law enforcement, HAZMAT, military use them. For such operation purpose, this mike offers a lot of facilities. It gives you a clear sound even in a crowded place. You can get the sound without any ambience noise. Even the whisper sounds clear in this mike. It can be used with helmets and gas masks. PC condenser microphone: This microphone is specially made for online gamers. It gives you a clear sound. While playing this microphone helps you to play the game properly. It has got an acoustic ear coil attached with it. It gives you comfort. It also looks pretty trendy. Cell phone condenser microphone: I think you have already understood what this mike does from its name. It is made for the cell phones. It gives you a hands free comfort. You need not hold the phone anymore. Just plug it in with your phone and you are on to a conversation and that too without using your hands. It gives you a clear sound and cuts down all the background noise. So, from now on you will not have to hear the yelling of her mother while talking to your girlfriend. It will cut down all the noise.
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