For many people living with a disability they

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-06-28
If you're disabled and living on your own then there's quite a few amendments you can make to ensure everyday tasks aren't too challenging. # Ramp One amendment you should make is the way you get into your house. Depending on your home, your wheelchair and your physical abilities, ramps will take on different sizes and shapes. You can have ramps built or you can buy commercially-available ramps. # Bath Removable bath boards provide a seated platform area over the bath, you sit on the board and turn to sit over the bath. If you experience difficulty stepping in/out of the bath it may be safer to transfer by using the board then by trying to step over the rim. # Stair Lift A star lift is a great way of helping you get more out of your day as it allows you to save your energy and do more of the things you want to. It also means that you can carry on living in your own home and you won't have to move to somewhere with one floor. # Food Preparation The design of food boards vary, they may have a clamp system to either stabilise food when you're cutting it or to secure bottles and tins when you're opening them. They may also have spikes to secure fruit or vegetables when you're cutting or peeling them, most will have a non-slip base. # Disability Vehicles Disability vehicles are also known as WAVs (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles), they are standard cars that have been specially converted to accommodate you and your wheelchair. Depending on the conversion these adaptations can mean you can travel either as a passenger or as the driver which allows you to have much more independence and freedom. # Low Plug Sockets Plug sockets are often mounted low on the wall near the floor. If you are regularly turning a low socket on/off then you may find it easier and safer to add a remote control socket that you can turn on/off from your armchair.
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