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by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-05-17
When we look at our homes and the layout of the plug sockets, we can see how much things have changed since our homes were built. I don't think I have come across a home where the extension lead was not present in at least 50% of the rooms, with some containing more than one. Our demand for electricity, in the form of multiple appliances seems to be forever increasing - and the tangles of cables ever growing. Cable Cobwebs Behind the TV is a favourite spot for those cables to get into big knots. There's the TV itself, the Freeview or satellite box, DVD player, Xbox, PlayStation, surround sound system... and only 2 wall sockets. Not to mention that these sockets are pretty much inaccessible once you have the above list of appliances wired up and working. And we aren't supposed to leave things on standby? Oh dear. Simple yet Effective Thankfully the developers of eco friendly products have noticed such phenomena as the 'out of reach socket' and the 'terrifying tangle' of wires, and have created a very simple yet effective device - a remote controlled plug socket. Being Green Whilst many of us agree that we really should make an effort to save electricity, make the most of the planet's resources, and try to cut down on those CO2 emissions - it takes a little too much effort to go scrabbling about for cables and switches at the end of a long hard day. Especially if we can see that Mrs Smith down the road always leaves her hall light on. However, we can manage to press some buttons. How it works These remote controlled plug sockets look similar to the timers you may have used to ensure that a lamp or heater comes on at certain times of day. The device plugs in to your wall socket, and allows you to plug your appliance, or your extension lead, into the front of it. They usually come in packs of 3 or 4 and are sometimes numbered. They come with a remote control, which allows you to remotely switch the sockets on or off. Some models even come with an 'all off' switch, for ultimate simplicity. Much easier than getting up and leaning over the TV. Is it worth it? Ok, so it sounds nice and easy, but is it really worth me getting one? Well, it will save you approximately A�30 a year if you switch off at the plug rather than leaving things on standby. So even after just a year - you will be 'in profit'. Plus, that will be A�30 of electricity that didn't have to be produced, that didn't belch CO2 into the atmosphere, and that didn't waste finite resources.
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