Electricity, in People's Daily life has become an essential source of energy, and as a power transmitting terminal and indispensable bridge between all kinds of electrical appliances,

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-10
For platooninsert, its materials, security design and some other parameters must comply with national standard of certification, from the internal metal core wire thickness of the shell of the insulating ability, almost all have strict rules, in daily use is to be able to let the consumer get more safe electricity environment. But for consumers, often when buy price is the most subjective factors, as long as prices are cheap, look similar. Dozens of dollars and hundreds of yuan platooninsert, after all, are used to connect the plugs. Although in terms of price, the number of the same strip of price difference there may be dozens or even hundreds of yuan, but from the work materials to security has a difference to soil. Today I will introduce some glut on the market all kinds of inferior platooninsert prone to which security hidden danger. Inferior platooninsert shell will be open in the heat, like fire, electricity in our daily life bring convenience, at the same time, also has a harmful effect on our personal safety, according to the relevant state departments, according to data from about 40% of the electrical fires are caused by platooninsert, so platooninsert safety performance to a great extent, must strictly comply with national standard custom. For most because of the strip and cause safety accidents, the shell can largely determines the important factors causing the fire, some inferior platooninsert shell does not possess the characteristics of the flame retardant material, use so when overload or short circuit, and close to the fire, Electric heater heat source etc. ) , you don't have flame retardant properties of strip shell fire easily. Row inserts new gb standard regulation: under 650 ° C hot wire contact, platooninsert shell ( The insulation part) There will not be on fire, Or self-extinguishing flame in 30 seconds) Situation is qualified. Figure up the enclosure entirely fully burning strip must be nonconforming product. High-quality platooninsert have flame retardant properties, is a long time will be 650 degrees hot wire contact with the insulation parts, also won't appear open flames, also is the shell of plastic material, in case of high temperature when the gap is very big. So for shell material platooninsert, whether to have flame retardant properties is very important. Inferior strength of the plug are hard to guarantee the second damage is easy to deformation cut corners, besides using inflammable, cheap recycled plastics shell, some will strip the wire and plug, and internal copper strip cutting materials. Similarly, platooninsert overall work with makings is not in place, there is also a lot of potential safety hazard. We all know, when using the same material of metal, the cross sectional area is smaller, the greater the resistance, when the connection high-power electrical appliances, such as air conditioning, electric kettle, electric water heater, due to the large internal copper wire or strip belt resistance, easy to overheat.
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