Decorate the house, the family's water and electricity installation key, just like the inside of the toilet wash gargle, pipe installation is too high, use inconvenient, installation

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-12
The kitchen is a good place to make delicious, have a good and reasonable design of the kitchen, cooking up food also can let a person feeling more pleasure. Install socket to attention away from the stove in the kitchen, on the one hand the stoves when use temperature is very high, once a spark into the socket hole, it is easy to cause accident. On the other hand, when cooking food, produce a large number of lampblack, can make the socket adsorption on a lot of oily be soiled, greatly shorten the service life of the socket. Near the sink installation also should pay attention to avoid let water into the socket outlet hole, lead to circuit is destroyed, if must be installed near the tank outlet, then you can install a waterproof in the outlet box, play a protective role. The appliances in the kitchen can be said to be a lot of, need to take up a large part of the power, when we don't have to point will usually put out plug, but it didn't help on the service life of electrical appliances. If we set a master switch in the kitchen, turn off all the power directly, it is unreasonable, because the refrigerator always electricity, at this time, we decorate a kitchen outlets will install a switch in the each outlet, both guarantee the service life of the appliance, and save the electricity. In addition, at the table to install socket is also necessary, if meet to eat hot pot, or have other USES, use rise more convenient. If install a socket on the wall of the restaurant is unreasonable, then install a ground is a good choice. No matter where to install socket, all want to match their use back, not only to live comfortable, also will be more beautiful. Above is to install socket in the kitchen of the traditional way, but now popular a kind of orbital socket, As shown) , when using this socket, don't need to move the electric appliances, as long as the mobile platooninsert, very convenient. Not only beautiful but also very practical. But when installing a rail platooninsert, it is important to note don't put orbit is too high, some of the electrical line is not long enough, may lead to cannot use.
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