Car driving circuit failure, often need to take

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-08-30
When you encounter the ignition key is lost or damaged, should be under the ignition switch, with a wire connected directly, or to switch the two columns connected with a lead to connect the ignition circuit. In the distributor rotor leakage and damaged cases, will be attempting leakage may be removed spring, mat or a piece of insulation coated with molten film battery sealed plastic and then put it back spring to first aid. Distributor rotor serious damage, it is desirable a divider of the rubber dust cover, and tied it on a metal piece, and then cover the bottom distributor cam shaft in first aid. Distributor cap leakage or breakage, can be divided between the train electrical outlet cover electrical outlet to the distributor or external leakage, can train electrical leakage or office Guajing, and coax the use of fire to roast. If invalid, electricity or leakage in string holes to play Division brick insulation. Distributor cap severely damaged, and the wire can make a cardboard alternative distributor cap, and fixed in the sub-electric passenger on outside aid. Electrical contact points when the points spring break spring break electrical contact can be in the active contact between the arm and distributor cap stuffed with a sub-electrical socket on the rubber dust cover to replace the broken spring. However, low-voltage lines and activities should be directly connected to contact arm, and be careful not to break the spring bond strap. Distributor contact ablation, the electrical contact points with mild erosion, can be '00' was formed grinding sandpaper, and cleaned up debris. Serious erosion electrical contact points may be replaced by electric horn relay. But the wiring, ignition systems should pay attention to low-voltage circuits and parallel circuits horn relay coil and adjust the ignition distributor to delay the 25-30 degrees. Vehicle maintenance (vehicle maintenance and repair), automobile maintenance and repair of the Pan said. Regular car maintenance, you can use lexia3. Is the failure of the car on the technical means through investigation, find the cause of the malfunction, and to take certain steps to troubleshoot and restore a certain performance and safety standards. Auto repair and car maintenance, including a small car repair, car repair refers to repair or replace any auto parts (including the basic parts) of the method, recovery of good technical condition and the car completely (or nearly complete) recovery of restoration of the life of vehicles repaired. The car is a small repair: replacement or repair of individual components using the method to ensure the ability to work or resume the operation of automotive repair. Conditions in the failure of the capacitor, capacitor failure capacitor can be replaced with a speaker. Is: will a lead bond strap, the other low voltage electrical wire connected wireless access points column. Use the same method will disable speaker, should pay attention to traffic safety. Automotive repair and maintenance network. Ignition coil overheating, ignition coil overheating, cooling can be used wet towels wrapped. However, no towel wrapped terminal, to prevent bond strap. Leakage in the spark plug when the spark plug minor leakage, can 'hang fire' approach to first aid. The method is to use a small hose in the spark plug terminal and the respective sets of pressure points online, and to both of who have maintained 4-5MM distance. But the journey, should prevent carburetor and pipe joints leak, a fire-free. Can use the regular car maintenance, you can use testing methods such as mb star. When the regulator, when damaged, FT61-type regulator and JFT149 type regulator can be directly interchangeable, since the same connection method. If that is not a substitution can not be repaired, it can remove the regulator on the pole and 'F' terminal on the wire pole, and between the two wires to connect a 8-13 ohm resistor or auto tail light bulb first aid. But the connection can not work too long.
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