Basic Safety Tips For Children

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-05-03
It's natural for babies and toddlers to be curious and explore their surroundings. The only problem is that it makes mommy nervous. Aside from the fact that these little ones tend to put anything in their mouths without any idea of what the object is, they can also risk themselves from getting injured by hazards at times. By following some home safety tips for kids, you can have your peace of mind back. Believe it or not, the changing table can be a dangerous place for babies. That is if you keep heavy objects on shelves near the area. To prevent accidents from happening, keep heavy objects such as picture frames, flower vases, and mirrors away from the changing table as they can easily be knocked over. Pay special attention to choking hazards such as small food pieces and toy parts. Make sure that the toys you give your toddler do not have parts that can be bitten off and swallowed accidentally. In the same manner, watch out for toys with cords and strings as they can get to your child's neck and cause strangulation. Once your baby learns how to walk, check the house immediately for fire and electrical hazards. Socket guards can prevent your child from sticking his hands onto the electrical outlet so make sure every socket has one. To prevent fire injuries, keep matches and lighters out of reach of little children. Furthermore, avoid working with hot surfaces while carrying your baby. If you have a staircase in your home, fix grills or railings to guard your child from falling. Do the same thing with windows. In the same manner, make sure all low cupboards are always locked especially if they are used to keep harmful chemicals or poisons. Medicines as well should be locked up and kept out of reach of children. Finally, learn how to give first aid to little children, especially artificial respiration. First aid is crucial when accidents occur especially if it takes time before any medical help can arrive. In relation to that, it is always important to have first aid kits installed in strategic places inside the house such as the kid's room, the kitchen, and the bathroom.
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