As I walked into the small, dark waiting room

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-07-13
The doctor went about his business of mumbling to himself while I unpacked my gear,; looking around trying to find a wall socket for my power strip. After locating a power outlet nearly fifteen feet from the doorway where I had my camera and tripod, I noticed immediately the power outlet in the wall was not grounded. For everyone who may not know what exactly this means; the power outlet in this old dilapidated building only had the positive and negative connections for a plug. It was void of the ground plug. The fear that sent shock waves through my body was nearly to the blackout point. I wanted to immediately scream and run. But, I stopped and reassured myself there was something to do about the situation. My motto is; there is a solution for every problem. You just have to look hard enough to find it. Thinking and taking deep breaths, I remembered my audio mixer was converted from grounding to non-grounding in order to keep the buzz out of the audio feed. I sighed at the thought of how clever this was and immediately switched the converter from my audio mixer to the power outlet in the wall. I was able to convert the two-prong old power outlet to my hard-wired three pronged power strip and save the job from complete disaster. Whenever you travel or even on a local deposition or any other form of video shoot, pack a two prong to three prong power converter in your essentials. The two prong end should be male and the three prong side should be female. This will definitely keep you young and your client happy. Even though, your client will never know the pain you may suffer while trying to figure out how to get your camera powered up. Nevertheless, the bottom-line here is to be prepared and this is only one tale of the 'unexpected in legal videograpy.'
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