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by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-09-06
Well, if you have just decided that you are going to buy a digital camera but you aren't sure of what features you want in it then chances are that you will be thoroughly confused as to which to pick and which to drop. Therefore in order to avoid indecisiveness in such a situation it would help to know the features that distinguish a great camera from an average one. Now it is only obvious that when you say 'camera' you mean 'digital camera' because no one purchases an old-fashioned and outdated camera that still runs on film reels. You need to have a good idea about the prices of cameras if you are going to buy one so that you won't be tricked by the salesperson present in the shop. Now you don't have to know all the camera price in India but it pays to know the prices of some of the latest and most desirable digital camera models offered by major brands. Resolution is one of the factors that make a great digital camera. If your budget is tight and limited then having an 8 or a 10 megapixel camera is fine but if you want a camera that offers more image detailing then a 12 megapixel or a 14 megapixel camera would be the ideal choice. However cameras that have high resolution have one common drawback, which is that one experiences slower shooting with this kind of camera. However, this does not mean that you should get a camera with poor resolution because your pictures won't turn out to be as good. The type of battery used in the camera also matters. If you want a cost effective solution then it would be better to go for a digital camera which comes with rechargeable batteries. However these aren't recommended when you need to go somewhere for a long period of time. In such a situation it would be better to bring some disposable batteries along because one might not be able to gain access to a power socket. For example: when one is going to the woods for trekking for several days. Digital cameras in India are no longer costly electronic equipment which can be afforded by only the rich and the wealthy. These days, because of the severe cut-throat competition in the market one can find so many options for digital cameras that one is often spoilt for choice. There is a sharp drop in camera price with each passing day and now anyone and everyone can own one. If you harbor an interest towards photography then purchasing one of these gadgets would be extremely helpful for you and besides it is also a very affordable option.
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