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by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-07-05
The joints once affected, does not leave one with any choice, but for the cartilage restoration or the total hip replacement surgery, as per the requirement. However, these major operations could have been easily averted with timely care and attention. The busy schedule and the fast pace of life of the contemporary individuals hardly gives them much time for the health. In the pursuit of materialistic wealth the childhood learning, health is wealth. In fact, these troubles further enhance the old age agonies already plaguing the seniors. It does not imply that the younger generation is safe. They might be so but not for long if, timely action is not taken. The cartilage primarily suffers this type of problems owing to the wearing down of the articular cartilage, a special covering on the endings of the junction ends where the bone meets the other bone end to form a joint. This is the source from where arthritis stems. The bone being sensitive is subjected to irritation of bone nerve endings resulting in the painful and lingering problem of arthritis. This is when the cartilage restoration becomes a mandatory alternative as the articular cartilage is not self repairable. The few cartilage restoration procedures are namely arthroscopic chondroplasty, microfracture and osteochondral articular transplantation. The total hip replacement on the other hand refers to the major surgery replacing the entire ball and socket joints that play an integral role in the joint structure of the hips. With the passage of time and the wear and tear of joints the ball and the socket get disease prone. This diseased ball and socket is removed and replaced with the artificial counterpart resembling the original. The dilapidation of these joints may also occur owing to previous injuries, traumas and shocks that the joint may have encountered. The recuperation of the total hip replacement requires a lot of meticulous attention and medical guidance. Any laxity may lead to a permanent impairment. The total hip replacement surgery can be avoided if one maintains a healthy lifestyle, follow a planned diet and practise a regular exercise regime. The type of exercise varies from age group to age group. Even the correct posture of sitting, walking and standing makes a difference as far as the hip replacement and the cartilage restoration surgeries are concerned.
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