A dual voltage flat iron is a must have for anyone's

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-09-18
While most straightening irons are designed to work in a specific country, flat irons with dual voltage can switch easily from 110 volts for North America to 220-240 volts for Asia, Australia and Europe. This means you can get those silky smooth results anywhere you go! So, if you know that you are going to be traveling and can never be without your straightener then it would be wiser to purchase a dual voltage hair straightener, that way you'll only need one to work in both places and you won't have to worry about your precious iron self - destructing with a plug adapter. With dual voltage flat irons the heating up time will be under sixty seconds wherever you are, and the results for your hair will be no different than if you used a normal hair iron. For those who simply must have a straightening iron with them, there are countless travel sized models which are ideal for popping into your handbag for a quick touch- up whenever you need it. These usually come cordless for easier handling and less worrying about whether your destination has a socket to plug your iron in. However, users have found that the cordless ones do not work quite as well. They tend not to heat up very much. I would highly recommend a flat iron dual voltage with the cord as it keeps the heat constant. It's fine if you go wild on your trip but that doesn't mean your hair has to look wild too, so save yourself the hassle and go for a dual voltage flat iron to keep you looking your absolute best while you're out having fun on your trip. Bon voyage!
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