1, platooninsert, after all, is a temporary electricity utilization, temporary use, long time use suggest normal wiring, safe and reliable

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-04
2, household platooninsert power rating is in commonly 2200 w, row row inserted in use process, all the current focus on the first row of the above, so behind the seemingly platooninsert, no problem, but the first platooninsert particularly easy to overload, overcurrent and cause burn out! Serious can cause fire. 3, to a certain extent, small power electrical equipment, such as: mobile phone charger, desk lamp, fan light equipment may be used temporarily tandem strip, but warm induction cooker, electric fan, air conditioner, electric rice cooker high-power electrical appliances such as banning row inserted row at the same time use, extremely easy to cause serious power fever, even burning plug and plug. 4, plug inserted row using power, easy to cause confusion, wire neither beautiful nor easy to stumble, recommend careful use. Plug in row 5, and a plug socket is easy to loose, pay special attention to, high-power electrical appliances use cases, if the connection is unstable sparking plugs, or wires on fire easily.
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