1. Leech Charger

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-08-19
We all know that even if you connect the electronics with the charger when it is power off, it can still cause consumption. So separate the plug from the socket is a good habit to the energy conservation. But nowdays not many people want to pay too much attention to these various kinds of plugs. Is there any way to both realize the energy-saving purpose and solve the problem of the pluging and unpluging trouble. A designer was stimulated by the leech and invented this charger which can separate itself from the plug when the power is abundant automatically. 2. Solar-Energy Charger It is both a charger and a battery. There is no need installing any equipment and what you need to do is just hanging it with your clothes and take it back into your room when you get home from work. 3. Rotary Password U Disk This kind of U disk is recommended to the lazy people who both worry about the data safety and also do not want to install the safe software. Possessing it equals having a simple data safe. Handle of the U disk is like a password turntable of a traditonal safe, only when you put in the fixed password can you realize the data transferring. So you do not need to install any equipment or software, just memorize your password. ePathChina hope that the tips mentioned above can help you a lot when you are choosing electronoc product and ePathChina are still striving hard to provide the clients all over the world with discount consumer electronics. Welcome to our website and may you happy everyday.
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