Creat the most safe and secure electrical </br>enviroment for you and your family
Creat the most safe and secure electrical
enviroment for you and your family
Liujiegou,world patent, </br>safety energy durable socket
Liujiegou,world patent,
safety energy durable socket

Use life 70 years

LIUJIEGO is a professional china power socket, specialized in manufacturing power socket, plug socket since 2002.


LIUJIEGOU is focusing on manufacturing professional various kinds of power socket suitable for different countries. 

And also provide custom service to design & produce produts according to customers' requests.


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Company profile

Zhuhai Tietong Power Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. The company is mainly engaged in various military power supply and design and manufacture of various electric power socket such as switching power supply. A technology-based industrial company with independent innovation, R&D and manufacturing. The aim of dedication and sincerity is throughout, and the quality of manufacturing is highly respected by the industry.


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